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The world of business data and its management is constantly expanding and evolving, and keeping pace with the changes organizations are now facing is vital for success in this challenging and competitive sector.


We have now entered the realm of big data, where an unprecedented volume of information, resources and devices bring immense challenges for organizations striving to both meet new regulatory requirements and derive the accurate business insights needed to drive growth and stay ahead of the competition.

The Enterprise Data World Conference, recognized as the most comprehensive data management conference in the world, is an important event in the data governance calendar, bringing together leading personnel and businesses to share industry knowledge, innovations and developments between organizations in the business data sector.

edw_conference_why_data_officers_need_to_go_for_metadata_management_advice_adaptive.jpgThis year’s event takes place from April 2 to April 7 in Atlanta, Georgia, and with more than 800 senior level attendees, 120 industry-leading speakers and more than 20 hours of scheduled networking time, it’s a must-attend event for all Chief Data or Information Officers, Data & Information Architects, Directors of Data Governance, Information Quality Professionals, Data Scientists and Big Data Engineers.

The EDW will feature speakers from leading organizations discussing everything there is to know about business-driven data governance, with topics to be discussed over the course of the conference including data catalogs, the business glossary, data stewardship and governance, FIBO, metadata management and the future of Artificial Intelligence, to name but a few.

There are many other great reasons why anybody involved in data and its management should be there. These include:

  • In-depth education for enterprises to optimize the possibilities of their data assets, unrivalled for the breadth and depth of data management topics covered.
  • The 120+ expert instructors represent a ‘who’s who’ of data management leaders, and will talk openly about real-world challenges and solutions in data alignment, so you can learn from them and acquire the information for your specific needs and the skills to put your new data governance plans into action.
  • Flexible options and discounts, so you can choose the days you attend and avail of discounts.
  • For attendees, it’s a great way to increase knowledge of the leading innovations and best practices in data management and understand new technologies and how to apply them, with sessions on big data, cloud-based data services, complex analytics, data science and augmented reality.
  • Hands-on workshops will help you hone your agile data skills, with practical solutions for more efficient data management, increased productivity and data leverage.
  • While proving the ROI of effective metadata management to your boss is one thing, the EDW Conference will enable attendees to easily prove the ROI of this event, giving you essentially six months of research value in five days by tapping into the EDW Brain Trust to give you an unrivalled volume of expertise.


  • The case studies presented by industry peers will allow you to compare and contrast data management approaches, so you can gain valuable tips on how leading organizations tackle the challenges of data and its governance, and the pitfalls you need to avoid.
  • Finally, on your return home, the sharing of your experience and newly-acquired knowledge will enable improved collaboration between your business and IT teams to ensure every person within the organization has a shared understanding of their role within the data management sphere, so you can further ensure that the data assets you hold can deliver growth-driven insights so it can stay ahead of competitors.

Insights, education, skills and a clear vision of the future of data management – there’s a lot to gain from the EDW Conference, so make sure to book your place now.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Enterprise Data World 2017, April 2 – 7. Exhibits open April 4 (4.30pm – 7.30pm), & April 5 (1pm – 4pm).

Venue: Omni Atlanta Hotel, 100 CNN Center, Atlanta, Georgia 30303 USA.



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